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Children's Ski Festival

20 January 2013 | Cheremukhovo | Russia
  446 Event Participants  

Children's Ski Festival

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 620144 Ekaterinburg 
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The second time on run the World Snow Day takes place at Cheremukhovo village, Sverdlovsk region. Just before the Festival it had been extremely cold and the morning temperature was -25C. But then the sun appeared and it got warmer up to -20C, with no wind, so that we had the possibility to hold the Festival events. One day earlier the local school children had had a meeting with a famous Russian climber Alexey Bolotov (the 11-time conqueror of 8000 m mountains). He told them how one had to behave in severe winter conditions on the snow in extreme situations. The same day a ski stadium was constructed on the football field as well as a skin tent. Because of the cold not all the childred applied for the festival could come. But those who finally could do that (total 446 people) took part in super sprints, family relay races (parents&kids teams), played handball on skies and watched the Ural skijoring mass start finals. All willing to participate, could do that, and afterwards got sweet presents sponsored by Milka and other souvenirs. The competing teams got the cakes with World Snow Day symbolics. The whole atmosphere was fascinating, a team of animators along with young musicians and a skilled DJ were trying hard to keep the mood alive. We are grateful to all who had helped us to arrange the Festival, our special thanks go to the parents of the kids training at the local Lukjanovs ski school, the announcer Andrey Romanov (Eurosport, Russia), Milka and Bars companies for their sweet prize sponsorship. Welcome to us next year 2014!
Special Offers
- Free ski snowboard lessons
- Free entry tickets
- Free food and drink
- Free gifts and prizes
Supersprint 30m for kids from 4 to 6 year old.
Trouble during the race.
Cake with World Snow Day logo for kids.
Link to event video:
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