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Happy Start!

20 January 2013 | Moscow, Putilkovo | Russia
  100 Event Participants  

Happy Start!

Putilkovskoe shosse
 143441 Moscow 
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Chilly Sunday morning of January, 20th 2013 did not prevent winter lovers and fans of active rest from meeting on Waypark slope in Putilkovo district in Moscow to celebrate the World Snow Day together.

It is the second time when this holiday is celebrated all over the world, 39 countries-participants, and it’s the first time when Waypark, the only ski resort in Moscow, joined this big international event!

The day started with defining the fastest skiers and snowboarders. More than 60 sportsmen were fighting for the cups, medals and winner certificates. The youngest sportsman was 3 years old, while the oldest – 57. After the race, the snowboarders were gone with Waypark instructors to a snowboard park for a freestyle master-class! It is true that a real pro-snowboarder can do anything – race well and jib with fun. World Snow Day – the best way to practice skills, isn’t it?

After the awards there started another event on the slope – called HAPPY START! Kids and Waypark instructors made a few teams and there was time for a funny race: snow relay, jumping over the tires, crawling on the snow, forward and backwards – any style any way, ahead to the victory! The Snow Day went on with hockey on the snow and traditional Russian game – the Tsar of the Mountain. The winner should stay at the top of the snow mountain for 2 minutes not letting the others be around, pushing them down and away. The winner was defined in 2 nominations – children and adults. After that there was a friendly fight – children versus adults. Guess who won?

Everyone who loves snow was the winner that day. The children suggested celebrating Snow Day every Sunday and keep making a scenario for the next events. And in 2014 – the year of winter Olympic games in Russian Sochi – we will definitely celebrate World Snow Day-2014!! Thanks for inviting!
Special Offers
- Free ski snowboard lessons
- Free food and drink
- Free gifts and prizes
Happy World Snow Day! We did it! Celebrated for the first time to join forever!
The team of Waypark snowboarders, participants of World Snow Day
Feeling the victory
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