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Chinese Junior Skiing Championship

18 January 2012 | Jiangjunshan Ski Resort | China
  1000 Event Participants  

Chinese Junior Skiing Championship

 836500 中国新疆阿勒泰市 
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Our city country, due to the geographical environment, snow conditions, climatic conditions are very suitable for holding the alpine skiing Junior Championship, in the national winter sports management center, bureau of sports of the autonomous region and prefectural administrative office support, at the beginning of 2011 successfully hosted the annual 2010-2011 support the event, won the superior organization and leadership of the praise. In 2011 March, in Inner Mongolia Hulun Buir city held countrywide winter games bidding session, our city successfully bidding contractors 2011-2012 national alpine skiing junior championship.

City Hall municipal Party Committee attaches great importance to the sports games, hoped to host the event promotion I ice-snow tourism resources visibility, strengthen build my city for Xinjiang "thousands of snow and ice culture corridor" and" ice and snow sports strong city" target, to support the event in our city successfully held.

City Hall is arranged according to municipal Party committee, City Sports Bureau from 2012 December began to enter the race to undertake preparations. Application of the contestants this year a total of 77 people, respectively, from the people's Liberation Army snow sports group, Jilin province Jilin City, Tonghua City, Heilongjiang Harbin City, A Cheng City, Hegang City, Xinjiang City, Aletai District, Aletai City nine city. The competition is divided into male and female, male, female giant slalom, rotary, male, female parallel giant slalom, male, female parallel rotary four projects, according to gender and age into men's giant slalom, giant slalom, female youth in juvenile giant slalom, giant slalom, juvenile female youth, women, young men rotary rotary young woman teenager rotary, rotary, men's parallel giant slalom, giant slalom, parallel woman young boys parallel giant slalom, juvenile female parallel giant slalom, youth, woman young parallel parallel rotary rotary, juvenile parallel rotary, juvenile female parallel rotary 16 individual events. After the winter canal center approved this year, the alpine skiing Junior Championship is scheduled for 2012 January 14---17 day, respectively, was organized in January 14th male, female giant slalom held in January 15th; male, female slalom; January 16th hold male, female parallel giant slalom held in January 17th; male, female parallel slalom. According to the original plan, the our city is in this four day event basic time arrangement is: every morning Beijing time 10: 00 referees in place, 11: 30 athletes in place, in 12: 00-12: 30 official game, basically in 15: 00 around the end of the day of the race, and at the end of half an hour on the day of the award is issued, that is to say in my city general mountain snow from 14 to 17 day event will produce 4 annual national alpine skiing championship.

In support of this tournament referee team from the national winter sports management center 6, Municipal Sports Bureau professional staff of 4 people, Aletai City skiing amateur referees 30 people, technical delegate is a winter sports management center general chemistry department vice foreign minister Yang Jun.

All participants were staying at the Golden Bridge Hotel.
Special Offers
- Free skis snowboards use
- Free ski passes
- Free ski snowboard lessons
- Free entry tickets
- Free accommodation
- Free transportation
Other Special Offers
All the free program is only for residents of the city of Aletai and the athletes
Teen tournament opening scene
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