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Altay Ancient Style Skiing Race

16 January 2012 | Altay Ancient-Style Skiing Race | China
  1200 Event Participants  

Altay Ancient Style Skiing Race

 836500 中国新疆阿勒泰市 
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In January 16th, Xinjiang Aletai city general mountain ski field hosted the seventh oldest ski competition, altogether has from Aletai area counties and areas of 7 teams, 77 Mongolia family, Kazak herdsman 's pedal old fur Snowboard race", celebrating the anniversary of human origins ski". In January 16, 2006, Xinjiang Aletai announced to the world" China Xinjiang Aletai is the earliest human ski source", and January 16th of each year as" human origins ski commemoration day".

Special Offers
- Free skis snowboards use
- Free ski passes
- Free entry tickets
- Free transportation
Other Special Offers
All free policy is the main city of Aletai residents and the contestants
From the old country skiing players starting point inspection field

The oldest ski race
Vintage ski competition awards
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