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World Snow Day Veselovs

19 January 2014 | Krasnogorsk  | Russia
  1850 Event Participants  

World Snow Day Veselovs

 143407 Krasnogorsk 
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Traditional ski festival "Kreshchenskie morozy" took place for the 13th time in Krasnogorsk, Russia. This year it was also a part of "World Snow Day" international contest. Disregarding the -20 celsius frost, more than 800 children age 2 to 7 years took part in the festival, their parents and grandparents came along and also took part in different contests.

It is symbolic that the festival took pace on the eve of Sochi 2014 Olympic Games.The flag of the festival was raised by Olga Kosmacheva, 5 time world champion of Universiade, and a participant of The Olympic Torch Relay. The Brown Bear, symbol of 1980s Moscow Summer Olympics, passed The Torch to the White Bear, symbol of upcoming 2014 Sochi Olympics. And all together they made a dynamic warmup before the competition.

And so in began… Kids from 42 kindergartens challenged 300 meter distance, after finishing each of participants received presents from the hands of 2 times world ski champion Alexander Zavialov. The presents were: ski, beanies, pin and many more.

And this was only the beginning. Other activities included: Downhill skiing, sledges, snowball fight, dogsledding, riding on a reindeer sleigh, horseback riding and many other winter related contests. Ensemble of the russian northern peoples "Chukotka" also took part in the event, they built a real northern house, the Chum. danced traditional northern dances with the kids, played northern peoples traditional games and music instruments. To keep all participants warm and cheerful, host treated them with porridge,hot tea, cookies and sweets.

Elder kids also wanted to participate in this amazing event, so organizers decided to expand it for another day. On the second day of he event 1107 kids^ age from 8 to 15, also participated in ski competition, and after that played and had fun in the snow. Everybody had their presents and good mood.

Organizers were satisfied with the result of their work, and hope to hold this event next year.
Special Offers
- Free skis snowboards use
- Free gifts and prizes
- Discounted food and drink
- Discounted accommodation
- Discounted gifts and prizes
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