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World Snow Day

16-17 January 2016 | Magnitogorsk | Russia
  4000 Event Participants  

World Snow Day

Lenin street
 455044 Magnitogorsk 
+7 835 194 985 81
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On the 16th and 17th of January World Snow Day was held in Magnitogorsk for the 5th time.

This year World Snow Day started in the Ecological park of the city on January 16. Here visitors of the festival could participate in various sport contests and events, like mini football, snow football, ice-hockey, frowing of felt boot, skiing racing and rugby tournament.

However, World Snow Day in Magnitogorsk is also a festival of creativity and imagination. Thus, paticipants of the snow sculpture competition could prove that a snow sculpture isn’t just a familiar snowman, but can be a real masterpiece. There were made 31 snow cobs. Different city organizations took part in this competition. Also several show cases were held such as birdhouse, scarf and hand made. Fans of a healthy lifestyle can visit the auto bath-house.

As a part of the celebration of the World Snow Day results of the photo contest ''The best foto of tourism at the territory of Magnitogorsk district'' were announced organized by Department of Culture of the city administration together with the geometry of the entertainment portal. More than 15 people were sent more than 500 photos. To take part in the contest.

The celebration ended with a festive flashmob which was dedicated to the love of citizen’s hometown. More than 600 people took part in it. With red cartons raised above there heads the participants laid out on the snow a huge heart, which is captured on video by a quadrocopter.
Special Offers
- Discounted skis snowboards use
- Free gifts and prizes
- Free entry tickets
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