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Winter Activy Festival in Belledonne

20 January 2019 | Le Pleynet | France

Winter Activy Festival in Belledonne

lieu dit le Pleynet
 38580 La Ferriere 
(+33) 476 450 817
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Event Discription

We are glad to welcome another World Snow Day in Belledonne with the collaboration of the Ski resort 7Laux , Le Pleynet and the Sport Club Le Pleynet.

On World Snow Day we will be offering different activities such as snowshoes tours, visit of the snow fabric, yooner, airboard for all, biathlon laser, and possibily mushing on the brand new forest road that has been built around the resort.

As well as this the sport club will offer the possibiliy to try telemark and monoskiing for the 80's lovers. Music, warm drinks and atmosphere will be on hand all day long !

And finally, new for this year, we will host a tresure hunt on the resort. Everyone will be able to play with friends of familly teams all welcome. The codes and informations found during the hunt will lead to a special prize that all can enjoy.

Come and join us for World Snow Day in Le Pleynet. See U there !
T +41 31 368 14 15