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World Snow Day Among Ice Sculptures

20. - 21. January 2018 | Beskydy Mountains, Pustevny  | Czech Republic
  153 Event Participants  

World Snow Day Among Ice Sculptures

Trojanovice 477
 74401 Trojanovice 
Czech Republic
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International celebrations Snow World Snow Day 2018 was organized for the third time on the Pustevny within the event "Ice sculptures Pustevny 2017". SnowKidz Organizers have prepared Fun park for children full of winter disciplines and smiling animators.
Every year are ice sculptures on Pustevny. It´s a big event that lasts during three weeks. A weekend from 20.1.2018 to 21.1.2018 was the last weekend when were ice sculptures on Pustevny. So there were a lot of people who could see the ice sculptures and had a nice time in mountains. SnowKidz Czech team built there a Fun park for kids where could children try four snow disciplines. Children could try cross country skiing, skiing, snowtubing and ski four couple. Direct in the children's fun park was available all the necessary material equipment free for children, including helmets. Experienced animators helped with the organization in the park, they counseled children and helped them. The most popular discipline was traditionally the snowtubing, children love it. But there were also a big interest in cross country skiing, some children crossed even half an hour and they didn´t want to stop. Downhill skiing was popular too, there was very fun a mini slalom. And of course a lot of fun was experienced on ski for couple. Parents were grateful and gladly watched their children as they enjoyed a fun on the snow.
We started with a celebration of World Snow Day the day before, on Saturday. The weather was quite foggy but the temperature was around zero, so it was quite good. There were 89 children in out park and everybody enjoyed disciplines. Children could try skiing, cross country skiing, snowtubing or ski for couple and whey they try at least one discipline, they have been reward. Children were given a diploma, a coloring book and sweets.
The whole Pustevny wrapped themselves in the white duvet on Sunday, so it was the real World Snow Day. All day was snowing and our park was covered with snow. In spite of this, our park has visited more than fifty children, concrete 30 girls and 34 boys. Also on Sunday they could try four winter disciplines and experienced a lot of fun on snow. It was beautiful to watch smiling children with ski or on snowtubing. Children were active and enthusiastic and it´s a great message for us, that we can say that Czech children aren´t lazy.
Special Offers
- Free skis snowboards use
- Free entry tickets
- Free gifts and prizes
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