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Wengen World Snow Day

18-20 January 2013 | Wengen | Switzerland
  150 Event Participants  

Wengen World Snow Day

Marc Hodler House, Blochstrasse 2
 CH-3653  Oberhofen / Thunersee 
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Wengen, located in the heart of the Swiss Alps, is a small village of only 1300 inhabitants and is famous thanks the World Cup races that have been a firm fixture since 1930 on the Lauberhorn slope. Wengen boasts one of the most beautiful backdrops of any resort in the world surrounded by the spectacular glaciers of the Eiger and Jungfrau mountains. 98km of slopes are available to skiers of all ages and abilities providing a magical experience for tourists wanting to enjoy spectacular views and pure mountain air.

The 2013 Wengen World Snow Day took place amidst the excitement of the 83rd Lauberhorn Races from January 18th to 20th 2013.

On Friday January 18th 100 local school children were invited to attend the races. The children were generously offered free entry tickets and enjoyed an exciting day watching the best male ski racers perform on the Lauberhorn Run.

On Sunday January 20th several great activities were organised to help bring children to the snow and to give some lucky children the opportunity to be involved with the actual World Cup event. In the morning six (6) of the France’s best speed skiers teamed up with the Wengen World Snow Day organisers for an action packed snowball fight and to help promote World Snow Day. Later in the day, between the 1st and 2nd slalom runs, 6 children from the Wengen Ski Club had a unique opportunity to celebrate World Snow Day by parading in the finish area. They all received World Snow Day t-shirts and with the commentator explaining to the crowd and the official World Snow Day trailer playing on the large screen the children carried flags in to the finish area in font of thousands of World Cup fans – they even had a chance to play in the snow and have a snow ball fight in the finish area just before the first forerunner descended for the start of the second slalom run. Later in the afternoon a group of twenty toddlers and children had the opportunity to spend a free fun packed ski lesson with a couple of fantastic Wengen Ski School instructors. Dressed in World Snow Day t-shirts and under the watchful eyes and big smiles of mums, dads, and the director of the Wengen Ski School, the children had a fun filled lesson. They played with foam horses, learned to spin down the bunny hill in pairs, played follow the leader, and learned to jump and ride over mini park features.

Leading up to World Snowday the Wengen Organisaiton committee were also able do some virtual promotion through their website with online adverts, links and bannering. They arranged for the Official World Snow Day Trailer to be played on all the large TV screens around the World Cup venues throughout the race weekend, and they were able to place World Snow Day bannering along some of the principle pedestrian routes leading to the spectator areas for the races.

Overall this was a very successful day which communicated the message of World Snow Day to thousands of World Cup fans, and one which was thoroughly enjoyed by many children and their parents.

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Special Offers
- Free ski snowboard lessons
- Free entry tickets
- Free gifts and prizes
Other Special Offers
Special involvement of a group of children in the World Cup finish area
Some of the French men's speed team were on hand to help celebrate and promote World Snow Day.
Some lucky Wengen ski club kids were given the chance to be involved in the action of the World Cup.
Thanks to the Wengen ski school and a couple of great instructors a group youngsters enjoyed a fun filled free ski lesson.
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