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World Snow Day in Magnitogorsk (Abzakovo)

19 -20 January 2013 | Magnitogorsk Abzakovo | Russia
  5000 Event Participants  

World Snow Day in Magnitogorsk (Abzakovo)

 455000 Magnitogorsk 
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19th and 20th of January Magnitogorsk had the celebration of one of the most amusing winter festivals – World Snow Day.

World Snow Day in Magnitogorsk on the 19th of January was held on 2 places – in the ski centre “Abzakovo” and ecological park of the city. Those who visited “Abzakovo” could enjoy not only different competitions and races, but also a fiery drum concert from Grandfather Frost (Santa Claus), a felt boot tournament, masterful performances of trainers and a real fire show.

The program of the festival in ecological park was also very intensive: guests took part in football and hockey competitions, races on skies, skates, sledge and even brooms, family competition for cutting out the snow figures.

Especially for the event a snowball with a diameter of 3 m (about 9.8 feet) was made and painted with the brand of the city. It took about 30 cubic m (1059.44 cubic feet) of snow and several days of work for 10 people.

For not to feel cold visitors could taste warming non-alcoholic drinks created by the city restaurants for the competition for the best winter cocktail. The festival in ecological park ended with traditional hurling the hundred of sky lanterns.

Those who missed the hurling of sky lanterns with the wishes in the ecological park could participate in the launch of a great letter-postcard during the festival continuation in “Abzakovo” on the 20th of January. There also were competitions, races and photo session on mountains with snowman. The two-day marathon of winter entertainments ended with dances near giant rejoicing fire.
Special Offers
- Free entry tickets
- Free food and drink
- Free gifts and prizes
A snowball with the brand of the city
WInners of the competitions in the ski centre "Abzakovo"
Hurling the sky lanterns in the ecological park
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