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World Snow Day - Skiing with Disabilities - Harghita Madaras

16 January 2021 | Harghita Madaras Ski Resort | Romania

World Snow Day - Skiing with Disabilities - Harghita Madaras

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  530122  Harghita Madaras 
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Event Description

Nurture in Nature Association is the first and yet only association that owns equipment for adaptive winter sports (Uniski, Dualski, Snowkart) for special need persons in Romania. With the occasion of World Snow Day we would like to promote winter activities for disabled children in our country because it is yet unknown and disabled children don’t have the possibility of an active life.

We would like to show to these special need persons and their families as well as to our community that possibilities exist, and being disabled does not mean that one has to hide in an apartment for the rest of his life in a wheelchair. Furthermore, with this event we would like to give the chance for the families of an active outdoors day together with the disabled member of their family.

Having partnered with a ski rental local company, the ski-resort operator and with the help of our ski instructors we have the means to bring the whole family to the slopes and moving.

Location: Harghita Madaras, Romania

Harghita Madaras is one of the most snow-sure resorts in Transylvania, due to its specific microclimate. The season usually lasts from early December to mid-April, best in January and March. The resort is located in Harghita county, 15km near Odorheiu-Secuiesc (Szekelyudvarhely), in the heart of the Hungarian minority inhabited Szekelyfold (Seklerland). There are 4 main slopes: Nagy Mihaly (black), Kis Mihaly (red), Sugo (blue upper and red bottom section) and the blue crest way. They are equipped with T-bar lifts, all suitable for adaptive ski equipment.

The resort is surrounded by breathtaking scenery, beautiful and consistent snowpack, it is moderately crowded with mostly good skiers and mountaineers. It is suitable for off-piste skiing and ski-touring, offering anything from easy crest circuits to very demanding off-piste downhill in open terrain or woods. It's a perfect weekend resort for non-skiers also with easy and still breathtaking trekking routes.

Target group: disabled children, aged between 6-16 years and their families and friends
Date of program: 16.01.2021

To celebrate World Snow Day, participants will be offered free equipment, ski lessons, guided tours around the resort, food and drinks and many other surprises.


9:00: Meeting with the families and presenting and distributing equipment (sitskiis for the disabled and ski/snowboard/sledge for family members and friends)
10:00-12:00: Skiing /snowboarding / sit skiing/guided tour the Harghita Madaras Peak to those interested
12:00 – 14:00: Lunch break
14:00 – 16:00: Skiing /snowboarding / sit skiing /guided tour the Harghita Madaras Peak to those interested
16:00-17:00: Outdoor tea and chit chat over the day’s experiences

Come and join us on this fantastic day to celebrate nature and the joy of being outdoors together with friends and family.
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