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World Snow Day Borovets 2021

17 January 2021 | Borovets | Bulgaria
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World Snow Day Borovets 2021

Adventure Center Borosport
 2010 Borovets 
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Borovets celebrates the World Snow day 2021

In strict compliance with all epidemic spread prevention measures but with lots of fun in the open air Borovets celebrated the tenth edition of World Snow Day.
Young and adult fans of the snow joined the feast – an initiative of the International Ski Federation aimed at making kids familiar with the world of winter sports.

Free lessons were organized by Borosport and the company’s highly professional coaches showed basic ski and snowboard skills to complete beginners. The lessons brought together not just the young children but also their parents.

A special slalom trail was arranged at the Borosport teaching area.
Anyone wanting to experience the thrill of the race could ride on the slope like a true athlete. The trail was laid out by the ski legend Petar Popangelov.

The activities included in the annual World Snow Day event are part of the initiative to encourage and develop child ski sports which Borosport joined 10 years ago. Throughout the winter season Borosport provides free lift passes for all children and school students from Samokov Municipality to be used during season vacation days and one week each month which is aimed to increase Bulgaria’s young people’s participation in sports activities and make them love winter sports. This initiative goes together with the support Borosport is giving to the ski and snowboard clubs in Borovets.

We wish to thank all of our guests and friends who joined today’s activities. The temperature was below zero all day long but the main mission of the event was achieved – child smiles were shining everywhere and many new fans discovered the magic of winter sports.
Special Offers
- Free ski snowboard lessons
Other Special Offers
A special slalom trail
The slalom trail
Free snowboard lesson
Future ski champion
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