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World Snow Day Csíkszereda

17 January 2021 | Csíkszereda | Romania
  500 Event Participants  

World Snow Day Csíkszereda

Csíksomlyó körút
 530203 Csíkszereda 
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Together with the contribution and partnership of Miercurea Ciuc City Hall, KidsSport Csikszereda and KisSomlyoSki celebrated FIS World Snow Day for the very first time on the 17th January 2021. Despite the very low temperatures (-17C°) and in compliance with all epidemic prevention measures we have experienced a successful event with lots of sun & snow and fun in the Kis Somlyo Ski resort as a premiere to the World Snow Day in Szeklerland and Miercurea Ciuc.

We had welcome children from 4 to 14 years old who wanted to ski or snowboard on World Snow Day for free. The purpose of the event was to invite and encourage families to do outdoor sports together with the children participants. Our goal was to reach children with families from the whole area of Miercurea Ciuc, especially those eager to ski or snowboard for free. We have also provided the opportunity for those who have never tried these winter sports before to try them out on this special day for free, as well. The participants could also try out touring and hiking on the skis thanks to the contribution and help of the local Mountain Rescue Team.

Participation in the program was free, subject to prior online registration, in order to reach a maximum of 280-300 participating children. 290 children were registered online, from which (due to the cold of minus 17C °) 278 children participated together with their parents, regardless the lowest temperature actually recorded this winter on this day, World Snow Day. Together with friends and parents, and relatives we estimate more than 500 participants on this event. To avoid congestion at the ski lift and to respect social distancing according to COVID19 restrictions, we’ve created 3 groups with ~90 children participating in each group. Participants had the opportunity to ski and snowboard on the Kis Somlyo ski slope for free, and those who were on the slope for the first time, eager to try one of the winter sports, took advantage of free ski lessons on the KidsSport ski slope arranged for beginners. Those who wanted to try out snowboarding, were taken by an off-road vehicle to that area of the slope arranged for learning snowboarding, at no cost, of course. In addition to the opportunity to do outdoor sports, we ensured the good mood of all participants by offering hot tea, bread with fat (local specialty with paprika and red onions) and donuts to both children and their parents. In order to satisfy all interested parties (both children and adults) and especially the beginners, we engaged with local ski school’s instructors as well as other sport clubs’ instructors, as well, who have also brought their athletes with themselves to the event. We have also hired a DJ for this event and so provided music, and last but not least, we gave all the registered children gifts, including various sports accessories, such as buff with the WSD logo, lanyard, as well as a diploma of participation to the greatest joy of children. They could also bring home with them the starting numbers and colorful stickers all gift items containing the "World Snow Day" logo.

In order to please the adults, too and raise their interest in these wonderful winter sports, we have organized freestyle ski and freestyle snowboarding shows during the day, each show lasting one and a half hours. Hiking on skis was the other popular attraction for the adults. We have had only positive feedback from them. The local Mountain Rescue Team did a great job by teaching and helping with the touring ski benefits, and the participants had a great adventure by hiking around the Somlyo mountain on skis.

The event was primarily broadcasted by local written media channels (portals:,, but also by audio-visual media such as FUN FM RADIO and Erdélyi Magyar TV (Hungarian Television of Transylvania). The event was also promoted and mediated by M1 Television from Hungary. At the same time, we obtained the most efficient way of publicizing the event on our Facebook page ( ), where the after movie posted about the event was viewed more than 11,000 users.

We are pleased to state with satisfaction that we know a successful event behind us with numerous happy participants, obeying to the COVID 19 restrictions, and with NO accident nor injury throughout the whole day, but having lots of fun, music, families together doing winter sports in the open air in a wonderful environment, having food and drinks, gifts, lots of sun and snow, and smiles enjoying this wonderful World Snow Day.

It is not a question for us, if we will hold the next Worlds Snow Day in 2022, in fact we are looking forward to organize an even bigger event, in the hope of getting over this epidemic situation by then.
Special Offers
- Free skis snowboards use
- Free ski passes
- Free ski snowboard lessons
- Free food and drink
- Free gifts and prizes
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