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World Snow Day Zakopane

17 January 2016 | Zakopane | Poland
  2800 Event Participants  

World Snow Day Zakopane

Kosciuszki 13
 34-500 Zakopane 
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We are happy to announce that the fifth edition of World Snow Day took place in Zakopane! For us the idea of World Snow Day celebrating is so important, that we decided to start the celebration in December 2015. To make children remember about World Snow Day, we organized the painting competition for the children from kindergarten, primary schools and junior high schools. The interest in the competition was very high and we received more than 90 beautiful paintings! After this the special commission chose winners in three categories. The winners got the special prizes from our sponsors (free ski passes, free entrance to aquapark, free ride on dogsleds) and they were officially awarded on our stage during the World Snow Day celebration on January 17th.

On Sunday, January 17th , Zakopane organized a big event for the children and their families. As always we celebrated World Snow Day according to the three buzzwords: together
we experienced, together we explored and finally together we enjoyed.


The youngsters participated in alpine skiing and ski jumping competitions. The competitions, ski-lifts, bibs were free of charge. Those who did not know how to ski, had a great opportunity to have free lessons and use free ski-lift as well.


The children also had the opportunity to visit our educational stands, where the employees of the Tatras National Park (TPN) explained where snow comes from, what kind of animals live in the mountains, how their winter life looks like, as well as how the tourists and skiers should live in harmony with nature. The rescuers of the Tatra Voluntary Mountain Rescue (TOPR) showed our youngest participants what an avalanche detector looks like, how to look for the missing with this device as well as how to use an avalanche probe. The educational zone was completed by the stand hosted by the Association of Skiing Instructors and Coaches (SITN) as well as Police, where children could learn more about the safety on the slope.


The biggest attraction for the youngsters was especially prepared World Snow Day stage, with the professional animators for children. There were many different shows, attractions and plays for children. The youngsters could participate in before-skiing warm-up prepared by the professional ski instructors, they could enjoy performances of highlanders bands, as well as enjoy zumba style show, sing their own songs on the stage, take part in different contests with valuable prizes and many, many others. Tatra Ski Association was a sponsor of a big cake on fifth anniversary of World Snow Day! The cake was made in the shape of big slope with the skiers and the little fireworks. It was really delicious!


In 2015, for the fourth edition of World Snow Day, we decided to extend the event and we added new motto „Help Others”. This year, a mobile Blood Donation Center was also with us! All adult voluntary blood donors, could donate his/her blood to those children, who couldn’t be with us during the World Snow Day in Zakopane. What is more, after the event, the delegation of the Organizers visited the nearest hospital and gave a special Wolrd Snow Day souvenirs to the little patients.


For the jubilee fifth edition of World Snow Day we decided to add new watchword “Integrate” and we invited disabled children to participate in our event. We know that sport is very important factor in rehabilitation of the disabled children so we organized the special ski competition for the children from Handicap Zakopane Foundation. The Foundation is led by one of the best alpine skiers in Polish history Ms. Małgorzata Tlałka-Długosz, who conducts the trainings for disabled children in Zakopane. Handicap Zakopane is also financially supported by the Municipality of Zakopane and very willing to collaborate on various different projects. During the World Snow Day apart of the skiing competition the children could ski for free for all day, they had a special performance on the main stage of the event as well as they enjoyed, explored and experienced with us till late afternoon.

Having visited all the attractions children could have some sweets and get very attractive gifts such as anti-stress balls, bagdes, magnets, flags, all with the WSD logo. The biggest interest was in silicone wristbands (4 different kinds) with the three World Snow Day watchwords: ENJOY, EXPLORE, EXPERIENCE and the whole name of the event. On the one side the word/name was written in English and on the other in Polish language. Now we are sure that all the children exactly know what the key-words mean. As always, every participant received the special gold WSD medal! All free of charge.

More than 100 people was engaged in organizing the fifth edition of World Snow Day in Zakopane! During the World Snow Day event we were visited by approx. 2500 people – children and they parents, grandparents, aunts and uncles!

We are very happy that we could organize this event for the fifth time and we cannot wait 6th edition of World Snow Day, see you on 15 January 2017!
Special Offers
- Free gifts and prizes
- Free food and drink
- Free entry tickets
- Free ski snowboard lessons
- Free ski passes
Other Special Offers
Free alpine ski and ski jumping competitions
Alpine Ski Competition
Ski Jumping Competition
Great Jubilee WSD Cake
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