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Athens Ski Club World Snow Day

20 January 2013 | Parnassos (Athens Ski Club) | Greece
  300 Event Participants  

Athens Ski Club World Snow Day

 10562 Athens 
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Athens Ski Club commenced the festivities for the World Snow Day almost a month before the actual date. We thought as a good idea to start a sequence of correlated events that would peak on Sunday 20th of January.

The first event to take place on 15th of December was the “Dry Land Games”, as we named it. It was actually a closing of the 1st training phase in dry-land and a welcoming of the winter training period on the snow, with interclub games consisting of skills’ drills for technique and fitness that we use at our dry-land training for ski; track and field drills, inline drills and drills on bike.

On Monday 17th of January a Snow Party was organized with the goal to raise money so as to fund our “World Snow Day” event and bring children from social institutions to the snow, that were not given the opportunity before in their lives to enjoy and experience a day on the snow. Our goal was reached and on Saturday 19th of January 50 children of Lirio Institution did visit Parnassos Ski Center. It was a sunshine day and the children, with the courtesy of “Excursion of Love”, a social organization that offered to occupy them, they had the chance to play on the snow.

Parnassos Ski Center and us (Athens Ski Club) joined forces to organize the World Snow Day event in Parnassos, after FIS recommendation. Saturday 19th of January was set as the opening day for the celebration of the World Snow Day.

The analytical program of the event as was delivered by the press release included the following:
1st qualifying children race
All day ski 0800-2000
Torch race that would close with a Chalet Party and Zumba interactive show for all
The main event was to take place on Sunday, where several parallel events would be set for children and adults. Specifically:

1st qualifying children race
Games on the snow for children and adults (snow constructions, snowballing, snow sliding)
Children run and games for children on skis
Combi (GS-SL) run for children and adults
Ski technique advices to all skiers by ski experts
Freestyle show and run in jump park
Interactive zumbatomic show as event closer.

However, bad weather conditions prevailed. Saturday’s qualifying children race and evening events had to be cancelled due to the serious lifts’ problems caused by the previous day windstorm. Sunday was a foggy day which caused several of the planned events to be called off and some to be altered. Despite the difficulties the enthusiasm of all involved with the organization of the event and of visitors was high. We did accomplish some of the scheduled activities in places around Parnassos Ski Center, where there was some visibility. Children were given commemorative diplomas for their participation and all visitors were provided with badges as a souvenir.

Everybody had a good time on the snow and the celebration of the “World Snow Day” was completed with dancing on the snow and many smiley faces, having created happy memories for all the participants and with the hope this special day to become a tradition.

Special Offers
- Free ski passes
- Free entry tickets
- Free transportation
- Discounted skis snowboards use
Other Special Offers
free sponsor's products, snowday diplomas, snowday badges
snowday diploma after participation in children run
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