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Snow Festival at Shymbulak Mountain Resort

17 January 2021 | Mountain Resort Shymbulak | Kazakhstan
  70 Event Participants  

Snow Festival at Shymbulak Mountain Resort

Gornaya street 640
 050000 Almaty 
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World Snow Day 2021 at Shymbulak Mountain Resort was opened with the parade of 70 participants and festive speech of the officials (Secretary General of Kazakhstan Ski Association and CEO of Shymbulak Mountain Resort).
Kids who weren't involved in competitions (about 70 people, including parents) tried their skills in alpine skiing, newcomers had a free training lessons, played active games on fresh air, made snowmen enjoyed traditional dishes and hot drinks.
At the end of the Event we had an Awarding ceremony, where winners deservedly got their prizes.
In conclusion, we can say that it was great day for kids and their parents, full of sport and fun.
World Snow Day in Shymbulak Mountain Resort Mountain Resort was held by the following program:
10:00 – Opening ceremony
11:00 – Training lessons for children (ski/snowboard)
12:30 – Ski competitions (training hill, beginners, masters)
13:00 – Awarding ceremony (certificates, gifts)
13:30 – free time (music, games, foot&drinks)
Kazakhstan Ski Association organized free training lessons for kids, who skiing for the first time. High qualified instructors, firstly taught children how to behave on snow and skiing technique.
Also kids played games, sledged, danced and ate flied sausages with hot drinks.
Special Offers
- Free gifts and prizes
- Free food and drink
- Free entry tickets
- Free ski snowboard lessons
- Free ski passes
- Free skis snowboards use
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