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Unified Snow Day, Silichy

20 January 2013 | Ski Centre Silichi | Belarus
  9000 Event Participants  

Unified Snow Day, Silichy

Logoisk region
 220000 Minsk 
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Sports and physical culture department of Minsk region administration became the organizer of World Snow Day in Minsk region. The organizer held 80 sports fests in Minsk region where 9000 fans of snow sports and active lifestyle took part.

The most popular competitions were ‘Homeland defender’ held among youth, ‘Kolosok’ and cross-country races that were a qualification step on the way to “Belarus Cross-country Race 2013”.

Central event of Minsk region took place on January, 20th on the premises of Republican Ski sports center ‘Silichi’. In the framework of the event Official opening of the first Half-pipe venue in Belarus took place. There were also on-snow games and competitions for school-kids and colorful performances on stage. The event was comprehensively covered by different mass media such as TV, radio, Internet, press.
Special Offers
- Free gifts and prizes
First half-pipe in Belarus
Contests for kids
Race among adults
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