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Peace Ski Gala Swat 2018

21. January 2018 | Lalko Swat | Pakistan
  45 Event Participants  

Peace Ski Gala Swat 2018

Lalko Road
 19050 Swat 
(+92) 946 795 055
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We are thankful to FIS for giving us the permission to organize World Snow Day 21 January 2018 with rest of the world. Unofrtunately we were unlucky with weather and with no snow we could not organize any event. However this did provide us another opportunity.

Thanks to local interest we were invited to neighbouring valleys and villages to present snow sports to the local people. The people of the area were curious and enthusiastic about skiing. We did a presentation to the local government district council meeting about promotion of skiing and winter games. It will also help in development of area, livelihood opportunity and promotion of peace. We appeal that we should be helped by any means.
Matee ullah Khan is giving presentation to the district council about skiing and winter games. The District Nazim assure possible support and praised the initiative and efforts.
The women district councilors also demanded to provide skiing facilities to females.
District council member requested to organize ski activities in his area.
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