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World Snow Day Korea 2021

15 January 2021 | South Korea | South Korea
  400 Event Participants  

World Snow Day Korea 2021

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 05540 Songpa-gu 
South Korea
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* Subject: World Snow Day 2021, delivering the winter with snow to the
children's home

Last January 2020, Korean children had a happy time through the first World Snow Day in Korea.

However, due to the rapid spread of COVID-19 in the world, also in South Korea, the Korean government has decided to shut down the ski resorts and major tourist attractions.
With the aftermath of social distancing that began from the spread of
COVID-19, we have faced the difficulty of holding the World Snow Day campaign this year.

Korea Ski Association tried to find the solution that ‘How could we provide children the fun memories of winter with snow?’
'Is there any way that children can play with snow safely?'

"Let’s make winter which children can play with snow at home this time!"

To deliver the snow(from the ski resort) to their home, we have used the overnight delivery system of Korea.
Also, we have prepared a simple snow-playing tool-kit for children so that they can build their own snow world.
We named it ‘The Happy Snow Box’

We have gathered 400 participants through our website.
And we delivered Happy Snow Boxes containing snow, a playing tool-kit,
and various gifts through the overnight delivery system.
Children who received a happy snow box early in the morning showed off their creativity by playing with snow.
Children also added their own toys to build their own snow world by themselves.
And they posted their own snow world on SNS(Instagram).
Although KSA couldn't host World Snow Day 2021 campaign at a ski resort,
We made 400 kinds of world snow days with the participants.
We enjoyed World Snow Day 2021 together in their home separately and shared this online.

KSA wishes the next World Snow Day 2022 can give a safe, healthy, and enjoyable time to more children
Special Offers
- Free gifts and prizes
- Free food and drink
Other Special Offers
- Because the campaign could not be conducted at the ski resort, - KSA provided hearty gifts instead of lift tickets or lesson. 1.Happy Snow Box 2.Snow (the snow from a ski resort area, 300km away from around Seoul, the major city of South Korea) 3.A playing tool which can make a small snow duck 4.Toys (Mini Snowman, Mini Tree, Mini Flags etc.) 5.World Snow Day Certifications 6.Korean beef gift set 7.Ice Cream Cake 8.Korean Chicken Set 9.Korean hamburger set
Preparing the Happy Snow Box.
Enjoying moment with Happy Snow Box on World Snow Day 2021
SNS Upload from World Snow Day Korea Participants.
Link to event video:
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