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TuSport Snow Day

20 January 2019 | Icoana | Romania
  170 participants (120 kids + 50 parents) Event Participants  

TuSport Snow Day

Icoanei nr. 1
 435300 Cavnic 
(+407) 446 311 28
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TuSport Snow Day took place in Cavnic, at Icoana resort, in northern Romania. TuSport is a Sport Club which organize this event from the very beginning, but this edition was, by far, the most succesful event we ever organised. Success was due to several factors:
- it was a day ful of snow (it was snowing, the snow depth arround 1,5 m)
- a positive attitude of children toward this day
- a good, funny organisation of parents in a funny gang with ”Proud parent” T-shirt
- a very exciting ”expedition” , walking through the snow
- funny games and dances.
- the most awaited moment was when the little kids group (4-5 years old) were hitting the bigest slope of the resort.
For a happy final every participant - child or adult - get diplomas, stickers, sweets, and free tickets for the rink
Special Offers
- Discounted ski passes
- Free gifts and prizes
The gang of the ”Proud parents” participants to the TuSport Snow Day
The Exciting ”expedition”
The arrival of the little kid through the tunnel of the fellows
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