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TuSport Snow Day

19 January 2020 | Icoana Cavnic | Romania
  160 Event Participants  

TuSport Snow Day

str. Icoanei nr. 1
 435300 Cavnic 
(+407) 446 311 28
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”TuSport Snow Day” gathered together over 150 children and few parents, in the two days of event. Sunday, on the slope, the participants followed funny trail build on the bottom of the resort, for the little kids, and on the slope for the advanced. but the second part of the day highlight the first run on the slope for the beginner, kids from 3 to 5 years old.
The second day , we were in downtown Baia Mare at Ice skating ring, for free.

This edition of TuSport Snow Day was, more than other, about love; love for kids, love for ski, love for snow.

See you next year!
Special Offers
- Discounted transportation
- Discounted ski passes
- Free gifts and prizes
Other Special Offers
Free enter tickets at the Ice skating ring, and free equipment
The victory of the first run on the slope
TuSport on World Snow Day
This is about love

Event Partners

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