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Snow-Olympics for children in Habkern

22 January 2012 | Habkern | Switzerland
  20 Event Participants  

Snow-Olympics for children in Habkern

 3804 Habkern 
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The Day started early with all the preparations undertaken by the local ski school of Habkern. The weather was not at its best but there were a few bookings for the activities, the ski school offered throughout the day. The result has been a success:

An old barn has been transformed into a cosy little restaurant, where snacks, warm and cold drinks were served. A small snow bar has been built, keeping the cold drinks chilled. A "sun shade" protected the guests from wind and weather.

Where usually the cows take shelter, the kids could change into ski boots and others. Outside, different courses have been prepared. Under the professional instructions of the local ski instructors, the kids were busy snowboarding, cross country skiing, snow-shoe walking, snow-blading and sleding. And they were praciticing for the afternoon olympics.

After lunch break during which sausages with bread, hot-dogs and sandwiches helped to build up the forces again, five teams were formed. Each member had either to ski downhill, snowboard, ski on snow-blades, cross country or walk on snow-shoes as quickly as possible in order to hand out a baton to the next competitor, starting a new discipline. All had lots of fun and even the weather got better as the day grew older.

There weren't as many participants as we hoped for, but they definitely enjoyed themselves. For our little mountain village the event has been a full success and everybody was happy having spent a very entertaining day in a beautiful scenery and a very friendly, family orientated atmosphere.

Thanks to all the helpers and guests making the event possible. We hope to see you again next year for another World Snow Day in beautiful Habkern!

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Snowboarders and downhill skiers busy practicing under professional instruction.
The cosy restaurant and skibar where one could warm up and get some new energy.
All the happy participants after a fun day on the slopes of beautiful Habkern!
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