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Regional ski jumping contest for primary schools in Kiefersfelden

16 January 2014 | Schlepplift Mesnerhang in Kiefersfelden | Germany
  35 Event Participants  

Regional ski jumping contest for primary schools in Kiefersfelden

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On Thursday, the 16th January 2014, the regional ski jumping contest took place in Sachrang near Kiefersfelden. This event was also part of the third edition of FIS World Snow Day.

35 pupils from primary schools from Kiefersfelden, Flintsbach and Brannenburg tried to do their best at this regional contest.

The organizers about Karl and Toni Moser defied the difficult snow conditions and achieved true to the motto “EXPLORE, ENJOY, EXPERIENCE” a wonderful and inspiring contest.

This contest is part of the DSV-Nachwuchsprojekt „Auf die Plätze, fertig…Ski!“ and was organised by the German ski association, the Bavarian ski association and by WSV Kiefersfelden.

After getting their numbers and dividing into groups, the children tried their first jumps on mini-kickers and demonstrated their skills furthermore in a ski-fun-parcours with slalom gates, compression elements, portals and pump organs. The best athletes solved a start ticket for the Bavarian final on 5th March 2014 in Gmund near Tegernsee.

All of the children had lots of fun by sniffing into skisports and certainly the one or another has defected a new passion.
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