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Ice scultures and World Snow Day

17 January 2016 | Pustevny | Czech Republic
  200 Event Participants  

Ice scultures and World Snow Day

Trojanovice 477
 744 01  Frenštát pod Radhoštěm  
Czech Republic
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Beautiful weekend among ice scuplptures in Pustevny (Beskydy, CZE).

In the children's park at the weekend gave way past hundreds of children. The children enjoyed the ride downhill skiing, cross-country skiing, bobsledding and tested a special skis for pair.

We extended the World Snow Day 2016 for the entire weekend, not only did we celebrate the snow on Sunday but also on Saturday. As part of the event "Ice sculptures Pustevny 2016" on both days we organized a children's fun park.
Special Offers
- Free gifts and prizes
- Free food and drink
- Free entry tickets
- Free skis snowboards use
WSD 2016: discipline
Link to event video:

Event Partners

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