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Snow Festival at Shymbulak Mountain Resort

19 January 2020 | Mountain Resort Shymbulak | Kazakhstan
  106 Event Participants  

Snow Festival at Shymbulak Mountain Resort

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 050000 Almaty 
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Kazakhstan Ski Association in cooperation with “Shymbulak” Ski Resort organized the celebration of World Snow Day.
According to tradition, on “Shymbulak” Ski Resort, alpine skiing competitions in the discipline "Giant Slalom" are held for children aged 5 to 12 years. It took place on two training routes - “White Bear” and “Professor”. This year 106 participants were registered. To participate in competition was Free, and anyone could register via official Shymbulak’s web site system that was specially created for this Event. Each participant was given a starter kit for the participant, where included: a starting number, sweets, a backpack, drinking yogurt, an event card, a coloring and water.

Also there was a competition, where teams (maximum 10 people in a group) were competing on making a snowman. They had an hour to make the most creative snowman. At the end judges (including members of Kazakhstan Ski Association, sponsors and special guests) evaluated the competition and awarded winners and all participants.

The celebration was full of games and funny activities for kids on snow. Especially for that we invited volunteers, who played games with kids, taught them how to behave on snow, made photos, drank hot chocolate and had fun. And on this “snowy” day of the year, a rich entertainment program was organized for the little guests of the resort from the host Murat Muturganov and his exclusive show "Smile":
• Life-size puppets and stilts;
• Thematic workshops;
• Face painting;
• Fun contests and gifts;
• Paper disco and a real DJ;
• Soap bubbles show;
• Nitrogen show.
But that's not all, children had a discount of 50% on ski-pass.

It was great Snow Festival for families and youth, which we are to organize in the next year!
Special Offers
- Discounted ski passes
- Free gifts and prizes
- Free ski snowboard lessons
- Free skis snowboards use
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