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World Snow Day by Damingshan Wansongling Ski Resort

15 January 2017 | Damingshan Wansongling Ski Resort | China
  50 Event Participants  

World Snow Day by Damingshan Wansongling Ski Resort

 - Lin'an,Zhejiang Province 
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1. Activity time: January 15th ,2017
2. Activity location: the ski resort of DaMing Mountain
3. Activity content:
(1) Ski teaching for kids
(2) Ski competition prepared for kids
(3) Snow tube for kids
4. The process of activity
(1) Time: at 8:00Am
(2) Location: Tourists Center
(3) Activity materials were distributed at 8:30am.
(4) Kids gathered at the bus station at 9:00Am , and then took bus to the cableway station. After that they took cableway to the ski resort.
(5) Kids got water and information brochures from the kids ski service center, and watched videos about kids ski security when they arrived.
(6) Kids took skiing equipments, such as ski, ski pole, ski wear, ski boots, helmet, gloves and ski glasses before they went to the ski resort.
(7) Coaches gave free lessons of ski skills and some vital information of safety for kids before they went skiing.
(8) Kids took magic carpet and went skiing.
(9) Kids went to the snow entertainment area open for kids to play snow tube.
(10) At the end of activity, the company issued certificates to them. Besides, they took photos with tourists and leaders.
5. Effects
Kids who participated in activity learned about the skills and information of skiing. Furthermore, some of them learnt to play snowboard. Lastly and the most important, the activity was well-ordered, safe and effective, and it ended as they expected.
Special Offers
- Free gifts and prizes
- Free transportation
- Free entry tickets
- Free ski snowboard lessons
- Free ski passes
- Free skis snowboards use
Free Lessons
Kids Skiing Service Center
T +41 31 368 14 15