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World Snow Day 2020 Väike-Munamägi Ski Resort

19 January 2020 | Väike-Munamäe Ski Resort | Estonia

World Snow Day 2020 Väike-Munamägi Ski Resort

Nüpli küla
 61707 Otepää 
(+372) 5621 7506
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Event Description

You are invited to celebrate World Snow Day with us at Väike-Munamägi Ski Resort!

Our program focused for beginners kids, ages 7-18yrs are welcome and at the end of the event we will be hosting to celebrate with prizes and gift courtesy of our partners.

On World Snow Day, we will be hosting free ski lessons and discounted lift passes & equipment to. Participants can also test latest equipment of Rossignol in our demonstration area.

We are set to celebrate and we are looking forward to celebrate with you. Our resort team hope that You can join us for what will be a fantastic day for children and their families. See you there!
T +41 31 368 14 15