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World Snow Day at Funiushan Ski Resort

15 January 2017 | Funiushan Ski Resort | China
  50 Event Participants  

World Snow Day at Funiushan Ski Resort

Yangshuping-cun, Shimiao-zhen, Luanchuan-xian
 471500 Luoyang, Henan Province 
(+86) 108 831 8071
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On January 15th at nine o 'clock in the morning, in Henan province, Luoyang Funiu Skiing Holiday Paradise hosted the 2017 World Snow Day. There are 50 teenagers to participate in the world snow day activities.
In the morning, we held an opening ceremony and invited leaders of Luanchuan county sports bureau, education bureau, tourism bureau to deliver a speech. After the opening ceremony, free teaching on ski knowledge were given at kids ski service center which attracted a lot of kids to come and learn.
In the afternoon, in kids ski practice area, a kids ski racing were held and there were 25 kids sign up for the game in total. In the end, we awarded all the kids winners in the game. Besides, all participants, whether they got places or not, were given special souvenirs and gifts.

Through this activity, kids could get a deep understanding of the ice and snow sports, and actively involved. Under right guidance, they could get fun and exciting experiences ice and snow sports brings to them. This will help to get well involved in ski events and promote the development of ice and snow sports in China, which is just the goal that World Snow Day wants to achieve.

In the future, Luoyang Funiu Skiing Holiday Paradise will make efforts to continue to promote the development of ice and snow sports.
Special Offers
- Free gifts and prizes
- Free ski snowboard lessons
- Free skis snowboards use
special activities
Kids Skiing Service Center
opening ceremony
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