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Ziua Mondiala a Zapezii

21 January 2018 | Valiug | Romania
  300 Event Participants  

Ziua Mondiala a Zapezii

 327415 Valiug 
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It was our second registered event and it was a success!

300 hundred children and parents have been part of the event organised on the slope in Valiug, a village of 750 inhabitants.

There were posters with the events on the doors of many guest houses in the village, on the apres-ski and on the tickets house. Children at the kindergarden in the village have been particularly informed about the event. There were World Snow Day signs in the village, leading to the slope. Here, volunteers offered flyers with the schedule and stickers to every incomming child. The apres-ski at the bottom of the slope was the place where children have registred to be part of the event and received their vests.

Even though the wind blew so hard at the top of the slope that it was impossible to organise the games there as planned, we adapted to the new conditions and arranged two sites for games, one at the middle of the slope and one on the terrace of the apres-ski. Here, children entertainers played many sorts of games and danced on the beats of happy music. Also, children have been face-painted which was so attractive to them.

Then, there was a fun contest on the slopes. It was a parallel relay in which children had to break ballons. It was so much fun both for the children and the onlookers.

After that, the team of mountain rescurers of the county came to make an educational demonstration of how to save a wounded person on the slope. They saved the "fox" and the children have been captivated.

Afterwards, all the kids, the instructors, the mascots, the volunteers and some parents went down the slope in a colorful snake shape, wearing red, yellow and blue (national flag of Romania) umbrellas, flags, ballons, everything on the sound of trumpets. It was the most colorful moment on the slope and the snake made by the participants looked amazing.

Finally, the time of the awards ceremony came. Everyone received the World Snow Day diploma, the ski medals and the bags with Milka and Kinder sweets.

The second official event organised by our ski school reached its purpose: the children had fun and a lovely day in the fresh air of the mountain, on the snow, on the slope, on skis. They left for home smiling and satisfied. and so did we, the organisers.

We want to give our many thanks to everyone who helped organising with any single thing, to all our partners and sponsors, to volunteers, to parents, and last but not least, to FIS for this great campaign.

See you at World Snow Day Valiug 2019! Until then, don't forget: EXPLORE, ENJOY, EXPERIENCE!

BURAN ski school team, Valiug, Romania
Special Offers
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- Free gifts and prizes
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Games on the snow
Mountain rescurers saving the fox
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