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Parnassos World Snow Day

15 January 2017 | Parnassos Ski Resorts | Greece
  1438 Event Participants  

Parnassos World Snow Day

Ypsilantou 53
 11521 Athens 
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More than 6.000 people showed up at Parnassos Ski Center on Sunday 15th of January, in order to celebrate World’s Snow Day (2017). The festivities that took place at the ski center, provided an opportunity to children under the age of 15 and their families, to enjoy a one-day experience of snow, by skiing and taking part in many activities.
Throughout the day, 20 teachers of Pappos-Baldumis Ski School gave consecutive ski lessons to children under the age of 15, along with free use of equipment. Moreover, 3.000 presents were gifted to the children by Audi Quattro and Magiq Doors, official sponsors of the event. Lastly, 1.500 participation diplomas along with 1.500 safety rules guides were given out to the 1.438 children that participated.
The weather was a great ally on Sunday, 15th of January, as festivities peaked with competitions, games and sleighing, building a great Igloo that could fit 5 people, award ceremonies and a great party that ended the week and renewed the celebration for next year. Both young and old helped create the tallest snowman ever built in Greece, reaching 3.5 m!
The success of the event was achieved with the help of a great number of volunteers who were more than helpful in organizing and executing the activities and lessons and guaranteeing the safety of the children. The volunteers were transported to the Ski Center for free, by Klaoudatos Bus Service. More specifically the volunteers that were transported were:

• 20 volunteers of EOS Athinon
20 ski & Snowboard Teachers
from pappos Baldumis ski school
• 20 Good Samaritans of the Greek Red Cross
• 10 «Continuers Volunteers of Athens 2004» and
• The Doctors of Parnassos Ski Center

The festivities were co-organized by EOS Athinon and Pappos-Baldumis Ski School, with the support of Public Properties S.A. (ETAD S.A.) that manages Parnassos Ski Center, under the wing of the International Ski Federation (FIS)
Special Offers
- Free skis snowboards use
- Free entry tickets
- Free transportation
- Free gifts and prizes
- Discounted skis snowboards use
- Discounted ski passes
- Discounted ski snowboard lessons
- Discounted ski discounted entry tickets
- Discounted food and drink
- Discounted accommodation
- Discounted transportation
Other Special Offers
Gifts and prizes to all kidz participating
Giant Slalom
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Event Partners

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