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Grand Prix Migros - Les Diablerets | 18 January 2014

Europe's largest ski race for young people aged 8 to 16 years offers an unforgettable experience for every skier on the ski slopes ! Whether beginner or skiing Crack: The Grand Prix Migros all come at their expense . True to the motto "more than a ski race " is available to subscribers and off the race a lot of bells and whistles . Last year, over 7,000 young people took part in the Grand Prix Migros . About 940 kids started on the mini race , which for 6 - and 7 -year-old is determined .

The Grand Prix Migros is not for nothing that the flagship of the popular sport of Swiss Alpine ski. Since 1972, the Grand Prix is performed. Countless Swiss skiing enthusiasts , including many who have made ​​it to the very top of Alpine ski racing , started in her youth at the Grand Prix.
Grand Prix Migros - Les Diablerets
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