Ski Resort Rogla  | Slovenia
World Snow Day Rogla 2017 | 15 January 2017

World snow day / Svetovni dan snega -Slo

We are ready to celebrate World Snow Day with:

Rogla offers the enjoyment of skiing from late autumn to early spring. Skiers are guaranteed a minimum of hundred skiing days on excellent ski slopes covered with natural and compact snow.

1. Ski school
Open doors for kids with free group lessons
Alpine ski, cross country and snowboard

2. Games on snow
Fun games for kids on snow

3. Alpine ski competition - no racer
Competition in GS alpine ski, for all skiers who want too participate and have fun on race slope.

4. Music concert
Music concert with well known kids group in Slovenia

The event is open to everyone no matter age or background so come and join us for World Snow Day!!
Location Map
World Snow Day Rogla 2017
3214 Zreče
(+386) 41 402 722
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