Big Wood Ski Resort | Russia
World Snow Day Ski club Bolshoy Wudyavr | 15 January 2017

Join us for World Snow Day by Ski Club Bolshoy Wudyavr

Located in the Murmanskaya Region, Ski Club Bolshoy Wudyavr has been providing children and their families a home to practice snow sports since 2003.

To celebrate World Snow Day we will be hosting our event at Big Wood Ski Resort. Participating will receive:
- Free ski lessons
- family fun competitions
- and free gifts and souvenirs for all participants.

The event is open to all no matter, age or ability. So come and join us for World Snow Day at Big Wood Ski Resort
Location Map
World Snow Day Ski club Bolshoy Wudyavr
г. Кировск
184250 Kirovsk
(+7) 495 229 00 38
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