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Sniegaviru sacensibas | 15 January 2017

Welcome to the Latvian World Snow Day!

The Latvian Ski Associations goal is to develop Latvian ski sports, leadership and coordinating a variety of skiing sports organizations. LSS tasks are:
- To support and organize the participation of Latvian team in the Olympic Games, World and European Championships and other international competitions, as well as to represent the Latvian ski sports in the International Ski Federation;
- promote the sport of ski training - job training, supporting and organizing Latvian mountain and cross-country skiing, snowboarding, roller skis and other types of races.

In light of the second task we want all children to explore, enjoy and experience snow sports on World Snow Day. To celebrate the occasion we will be hosting numerous fun events. There will be open Ice-hockey, Cross-country skiing, and Ice-skating. There will also be relay's on sleds, and ice-skates. During this time there will also be some nontraditional elements, such as snow fight's, highest fortresses building, and ice sculptures.

We are glad to invite you to our Snow Festival. Come and be a part of our great occasion!
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Sniegaviru sacensibas
Smilšu iela 100
LV-5410 Daugavpils
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