Laurentian Ski Hill, Ontario | Canada
Laurentian Ski Patrol World Snow Day | 15 January 2017

Join us in Laurentian Ski Hill for World Snow Day.

Laurentian Ski Hill is a home to families. The Laurentian Ski Patrol team devotes its time each winter to ensure participants have a fun but also safe time on the hill.

To celebrate World Snow Day the Ski Patrol team will be hosting a safety scavenger hunt on the hill. Participants will explore the hill and the people who make everything safe for them. They will have the opportunity to learn how to keep themselves and others safe while having a great time. The Alpine Responsibility Code will be front and center.

The event is open to all, so come an join us for World Snow Day in Laurentian Ski Hill, Ontario. See you soon.

Location Map
Laurentian Ski Patrol World Snow Day
15 Janey St
P1C1N1 North Bay
(+1) 705 491 1098
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