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Caledon Ski Club World Snow Day 2017 | 15 January 2017

Its World Snow Day and you are invited to join us.

Since the resorts inception, Caledon Ski Club has provided families with a place to enjoy the outdoors, experience the fresh air and above all enjoy the snow.

When providing families a snowy recreational experience it is important that everyone stay safe and have. In keeping with this theme will be hosting a two day mountain safety event. Combining the alpine responsibility code and games, stations will be set up around the resort. At each of the stations participants will have games and receive stamps in their special safety passports. Once all the stamps are gathered participants will receive prizes for their efforts.

Come and join us for World Snow Day, see you at Caledon Ski Club
Location Map
Caledon Ski Club World Snow Day 2017
17431 Mississauga Road
L7K 0E9 Caledon
(+1) 416 657 2790
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