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Tschappina Heinzenberg world snow day Viamala | 16-22 January 2012
200 Event Participants
The FIS World Snow Day located on Heinzenberg was a big success. A network of various partners has contributed to this success. Even the weather was winter-like. On some days there was heavy snowfall. Everything together was the perfect winter atmosphere.

For the FIS World Snow Days located on Heinzenberg the organizer combined different individual events: the annual children's ski lessons, the traditional public and children's race and the World Day of the snowman on 18 January. Thus the World Snow Day expanded to a World Snow Week.

The main goal this week was to teach the children the joy of winter, the snow and the winter sports. Especially with the kids skiing lessons we work on Heinzenberg active for several years to inspire the children for the snow. On the occasion of the FIS World Snow Day, the local ski stars Mauro Caviezel (Alpine) and Coni Netzer (ski cross) visited the kids. Both were available for autographs.

In the week before the FIS World Snow Day, held on 18 January, the World Day of the snowman instead. The tourism organization Viamala used the snowman in the winter season as the official ambassador. The snowman was therefore also our unofficial mascot of the World Snow Days on Heinzenberg. The children were delighted not only in skiing. During the construction of snowmen they could live out their creativity.

The local media have taken the FIS World Snow Day positive note. Both the regional newspapers as well Televisiun Svizra Rumantscha, the national television station of the fourth Swiss national language, reported on the event.

The Event schedules FIS World Snow Day Tschappina Heinzenberg

Ski school for the kindergarten children

World day of snowman: kids build a snowman family.

Children's race: The Ski Club Beverin organized a children's race with mass start for the youngest

Public race with celebrities and snowman competition
Special Offers
- Free gifts & prizes
- Discounted skis/snowboards use
- Discounted ski passes
- Discounted ski/snowboard lessons
Fun Time with our ski stars Mauro Caviezel (Ski Alpine) and Coni Netzer (Skicross) on the trampoline.
Fun in the fresh snow.
Awards ceremony on the "snowman"-podium.
14.2.2012 13:27:51
The grand finale.
The children look forward to the awards ceremony.

14.2.2012 13:24:32
Real winter feeling. Children race in a snowstorm.
The children have fun.

20.1.2012 13:44:42
Ceremony in the snow.
As a warm up for the big race tomorrow: The race awards ceremony for the classrace today.

20.1.2012 09:44:41
Perfect Snow Day weather!
The webcam image from 09.31 clock this morning proves it: We will definetly have a lot of snow!

19.1.2012 11:08:58
World Snow Day ski race of the weekend - The podium is ready!
With great dedication and under the observation of a Crew of the RTR-TV-Station, the juniors of the ski club Beverin building a snowman podium for the World Snow Day Race.

19.1.2012 11:01:40
Kids building snowmen.
Snow is not only fun on the slopes. The children of the kindergarten-ski lessons at the Heinzenberg, together with their instructors diligently built snowmen - the 18th January is finally the World Day of the snowman!

17.1.2012 07:30:46
A day of skiing in Tschappina in fast motion.
A perfect start to the World Snow Week in Tschappina Heinzenberg with a beautiful winter day.

The pictures (taken 08am-16pm) show the ski elevator Lüsch Obergmeind and come from the permanently installed webcam.

Direct link to the webcam:
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16.1.2012 11:29:02
The first few rides on snow.
Perfect winter weather makes for ideal conditions. The kids have fun!

16.1.2012 11:27:02
The kids are ready for the snow adventure!
The World Snow Week on Heinzenberg is opened. The children start today with the ski school.

9.1.2012 16:48:01
Countdown is running - Snowman-Family grows!
The 18 January is the World Day of the snowman. We have integretad this day in the week of action for the FIS World Snow Day.

There are now diligently built snowmen. The Viamala snowman family is getting bigger. Check it out: www.facebook.com / myviamala

23.12.2011 11:27:35
Tschappina Heinzenberg - the winter sports area for young and old
Small, stylish and snow - and a sensational value for money for the whole family. So the winter is more fun!

23.12.2011 11:19:43
World Day of Snowman meets World Snow Day's Viamala
The 18 January is World Day of the snowman. Young and old are invited to build yourself a snowman.
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