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TN Biegowki FIS World Snow Day | 22 January 2012
820 Event Participants
FIS World Snow Day / TN Biegówki was planned to take place in 15 locations across Poland. Due to poor weather conditions (heavy rain) the event in Toruń was cancelled. It will be better next year there - do not give up guys there in Toruń.

In course of the events organized in the remaining 14 locations we counted a total of 820 participants. The weather conditions were very tough, especially in Warsaw area, what influenced participation very negatively. Anyway, the participation record holder is Ruciane Nida with 300 people reported to experience cross country skiing and other snow activities. The detailed participation summary is as follows:

1 Konstancin-Jeziorna - 21.01.2012 – 8 participants
2 Warszawa Moczydło - 21.01.2012 - 25
3 Warszawa Nad Wisłą - 21.01.2012 - 10
4 Warszawa Targówek - 22.01.2012 - 100
5 Warszawa Wilanów - 22.01.2012 - 14
6 Tylicz - 22.01.2012 - 100
7 Dwór Kombornia - 22.01.2012 - 50
8 Łękuk, Mazury Garbate - 22.01.2012 - 50
9 Ruciane-Nida - 22.01.2012 - 300
10 Garwolin - 22.01.2012 - 13
11 Międzylesie - 22.01.2012 - 27
12 Gołdap - 22.01.2012 - 33
13 Karpacz - 22.01.2012 - 70
14 Warszawa Pole Mokotowskie - 22.01.2012 – 20

Gallery with pictures from all locations can be found at: http://www.tnbiegowki.pl/galeria.html

What we would like to emphasize is that all the events were organized with no financial support from any country-wide sponsors.
Keeping the events free of charge for the participating children (and in the most locations for adults as well) we managed the snow experience basing only on effort of TN Biegówki x-country trails organizers, ski equipment rentals, volunteers, support from local authorities, small local sponsors and local media. Thanks to FIS World Snow Day we succeeded to create a social network that will deliver a lot of fun for children and people of all ages in the future.
Special Offers
- Free skis/snowboards use
- Free ski/snowboard lessons
- Free gifts & prizes
21.01.2012, 5pm CET, Cross country fun on the beach. The right side bank of Wisła river in Warsaw.
22.01.2012, 11am CET, The small helps the smaller, ekobiegi.pl event, Warszawa-Targówek
22.01.2012, 11am CET, Getting ready for cross country skiing. ekobiegi.pl event, Warszawa-Targówek
20.1.2012 03:23:48
World Snow Day with Warsaw Old Town view

17.1.2012 01:31:17
Another TN Biegówki Snow Day location confirmed
The newest TN Biegówki cross country trail shows how to make fun in the wintertime. Ski rental By The Way and major of Wilanów district in Warsaw have pleasure to invite all children to FIS World Snow Day!

13.1.2012 23:24:24
The major of Parcela pushes Konstancin to healthy lifestyle
The major of the smallest village in Warsaw metropolitan area knows what brings happiness into ones lives - healthy lifestyle. There is nothing but cross country skiing what you can do for health in the wintertime!

13.1.2012 01:54:38
No snow, but much fun in Wilanów
Over the period from 28 till 31 December 2011 children in Wilanów District of Warsaw took part in lessons organized by TN Biegówki

21.12.2011 11:47:55
TN Biegówki - trail preparation in Zalesie Górne
TN Biegowki FIS World Snow Day
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