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Event Report
World Snow Day - Oslo Holmenkollen | 22 January 2012
3500 Event Participants
The World Snow Day i Holmenkollen, Norway was a great success. 1500 children in the age of 8-14 were playing and challenging their ski-skills in our Cross-country ski-cross course. In addition 2000 children in the age of 3-8 participated on our ski schools.
All participants got a hat or a buff as a prize.

We got great media coverage, with a 5 minute radio interview on one of Norways biggest radio-shows “Ni-timen” on Saturday morning, and a spot on the biggest newscast NRK-Dagsrevyen, after the event on Sunday evening. In addition we got coverage in newspapers like Aftenposten both on the web and in the paper on Monday.
Special Offers
- Free entry tickets
- Free gifts & prizes
Photo, Morten Uglum,Aftenposten
Photo, Morten Uglum,Aftenposten
Photo, Morten Uglum,Aftenposten
1.2.2012 09:28:55
In the news on the National Television

1.2.2012 09:25:00
Have a look on the video from Aftenposten

18.11.2011 13:41:45
Ski-jump by Tom Hilde in the new Holmenkollen - HELMETCAM

10.11.2011 17:09:05
Building of the new stadium
World Snow Day - Oslo Holmenkollen
The Association for the Promotion of Skiing - Skiforeningen
Kongeveien 5
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