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Event Report
Big Air Bag @ World Snow Day | 22 January 2012
100 Event Participants
Despite the unfavorable weather and strong winds, which on Saturday did not allow to install the BigAirBag, however Sunday was a beautiful day and the initiative has been a great success. There were at least 100 participants, boys and girls, young people and others, skiers and snowboarders, who performed spectacular stunts.
From 10 am until late afternoon, the participants have followed one after another in an attempt to pull off a jump ever tried before, or that the fear of injury has never allowed.
The BigAirBAG is a spectacular event that attracts the interest of more snow enthusiasts, particularly snowboarders. For this reason, the ski resort of Monte Cimone will continue to invest in it, thinking for the future to expand the event with further proposals.
Special Offers
- Free skis/snowboards use
- Free food & drink
- Free gifts & prizes
Participants waiting for their turn to jump.
Some participants demonstrated a great technique.
The jump does not close, but do not worry, the landing is soft!
18.1.2012 11:01:46
BAB is coming!
Friday arrives the mattress.
3 days to the great event!

9.1.2012 21:27:22
Big Air Bag & Freeride Tour
On January 21 and 22 the Freeride Tour will stop at Passo del Lupo around the Big Air Bag. The annual national event, came to its sixth edition, attracts young snowboarders and freestyle skiers, but also all the ski and winter mountain lovers in general, offering them a village within which to withdraw and try products, gadgets and prizes. All the guys that jump will be well equipped with a mini-camera GoPro, designed precisely to shoot sports action, which will project the images of the evolution on the giant screen on the track.

To celebrate the World Snow Day BLACK HOLE, inside the Freeride Tour village, will provide their own tables, allowing anyone to try them for free: another way to promote snowboarding and bring the sport to a growing number of younger and older.

9.1.2012 20:53:34
Great news at Big Air Bag!
The Big Air Bag back on Monte Cimone for the fifth consecutive year, bringing with it great news!

The weekend on 21 and 22 January will be ideal for beginners, who can approach the world of snowboarding safely, both for the more experienced, which in Passo del Lupo will find an offer even more interesting than the usual. The Big Air Bag will be set up by Ossarotte team, that manages the Cimone snowpark this year, and will be freely available to all for a test. To try is enough to have the skills necessary to make a run and jump. The 'flight' is about 8-10 meters with a super soft landing. We have an XXL mattress, 15 meters wide, 15 long and 2 high.
So no worries!

The YKKY GROUP, supported by youngsters AFTERBANG, will manage the daily animation, entertaining participants with music and voiceovers. They will check the departures of the riders who will jump on the mattress and they will ensure the safety of everyone. That's not all! They will film the day, jumps, and will organize to allow all those who will compete to be able to download their footage on a USB stick that the riders must carry.
Big Air Bag @ World Snow Day
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