Catch up with Dein Winter. Dein Sport.
Winter sports initiative Dein Winter. Dein Sport. has seen huge growth in the short space of only two years. FIS took a moment to catch up with the team and get the latest inside information on the campaign.

Firstly, how was your 2015/2016 season?

The most progressive we have seen: The Dein Winter. Dein Sport communication campaign has a lot of partners and last season many had questions about what this is and how it works. So for 2015/2016 we really added more structure, more concrete B2C and B2B communication (e.g. winter sports summit in November 2015) tools and defined it further. The payoff has been immediate and we see this in the number of people visiting our communication platforms and more importantly participating in snow sports.

It looks like you have many partners, how many do you have?

We prefer to call them “supporters” as they assist the project in various ways. In total we have – across all sectors (sporting goods industry, sports shops, tourism destinations, cable car providers, travel providers etc.) – more than 100.

What are your goals for the upcoming season?

There are two:

1. To further the number of people who know about this campaign in order to encourage them to the snow and

2. To enthuse more people for winter sports with the network of our “initiators”, the German Ski federations DSV, Snowboard Germany, DSLV and all our "supporters.

Where do you hope to see the project in 3 years?

We see this project as becoming a hub for people looking to start or restart snow sports. Our primary focus is the German public, but just like the language we expect that it will transcend borders and encourage people from Austria, Switzerland, Italy and other countries to join in the fun.

By being a hub we also look forward to this being an information platform for people with questions about snow sports in general, for example, which gear should I buy? Where is a good place for me to take my children skiing? What kind of exercises help to improve my ski technique?

We are currently working on an online e-learning platform for teachers, parents and pupils called WintersportSCHULE which will be online on December 1st, 2016. It was developed under the lead of Prof. Dr. Ralf Roth from the German Sports University in Cologne and in collaboration with DSV, Snowboard Germany and DSLV in order to realise school activities on snow. Additional support came from the foundation “Sicherheit im Skisport“ and we are very excited about this platform’s development in the near future.

World Snow Day, how will you celebrate?
Great question and an easy answer, on snow with our children and loved ones.

For more information on Dein Winter. Dein Sport. , hit the link below

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