A generation for the environment
World Snow Day participants looking after the environment
As part of the secondary goals for World Snow Day, Organisers are encouraged to show children how to take care of their natural surroundings. As well as staging events themed completely on environmental conservation Organisers are taking simple steps to educate children in the long term.

Located in India at the heart of one of world’s most important eco systems, The Himalayas, Seeking Himalayas (www.seekinghimalayas.com) provides visitors and locals, trekking and cultural tours in the region. The tourism organisation staged an excellent World Snow Day that showed children the joys of snow sports. Following a successful day, participants were provided a simple and short brochure with steps on how to take care of the natural environment. The practical guide was developed and published by Seeking Himalayas.

Event Organising leaders and Co-Founders of Seeking Himalayas - Panshul Mehta & Ashok Kumar, commented “In today’s fast-paced technology driven lifestyle, we have been noticing that kids are becoming increasingly glued to computers, mobile phones & junk food; but shockingly disconnected from nature and themselves. World Snow Day was a perfect time to not only have fun in the snow with kids, encourage inter-personal interaction and team spirit but also a perfect platform to have informal chats with the kids and sow in their young minds, an awareness about healthy lifestyle, nature, dangers that humans pose to environment and, how to take care of the fragile ecology of our Himalayas”

The document provided to the children can be downloaded for free below. World Snow Day encourages all the Organisers to emulate the actions of Seeking Himalayas and promoting conservation of their natural surroundings.
 Happy Earth, Happy Me! - Seeking Himalayas for World Snow Day Participants [1.83 MB]

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