Preferred Suppliers is launched
New support feature is launched for Organisers
Following the 2015 Bring Children to the Snow surveys, Organisers said it is imperative they have suppliers they can trust to support the needs of their events. As a result, FIS has opened its list of top-level event suppliers to the Bring Children to the Snow Organisers. The new support feature is titled ‘Preferred Suppliers’.

The Bring Children to the Snow ‘Preferred Suppliers’ is a list of producers providing services and products from a multitude of areas. The launch of the list will host long-time FIS Supplier Liski, material producers Amwerk/Internova, material producers APA Werbemittel and worldwide retailers of and

A key to this new support feature is that suppliers are not exclusive to the Bring Children to the Snow events. If Organisers have other sporting or social events they may also use these supplier services. All discussions and agreements will remain between the Organisers and the suppliers.

For more information on the preferred suppliers and their services visit the partners section of World Snow Day.

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