Here come the kids
Belgium launches their national SnowKidz Tour with a stop for World Snow Day
One of the newest SnowKidz Organisers is the Sneeuwsport Vlaanderen (Royal Belgian Snowsports Association) that has recently announced an excellent tour throughout Belgium. The tour will be making nine stops in major Belgian cities. At each stop, children will have a chance to participate in free lessons, use of equipment, lift passes, event entry tickets and will receive gifts and prizes. For World Snow Day, the tour will make an special stop at an event in one of Belgium’s largest shopping centres in Kortrijk.

On 14th September 2014 the first event of the tour was staged. Coordinator of the tour Childeric Bogaert commented: “Our first stop of the Belgian 'KIDS on snowboard' tour was an amazing success. Our event had more than 120 kids between 3 and 6 years old that had their first steps into snowboarding. While the big boys were showing their tricks on a jump with an airbag, the very smallest kids were pulled through a mini dry snowpark. After the first lesson all the kids were rewarded with a gold medal and a picture to keep this unforgettable moment close to them. Now the kids are informed that there will be two stops on the snow where they will experience the real thing on a snowboard.”

Sneeuwsport Vlaanderen has shown that, with or without snow, children can have the opportunity to try snow sports.

For more information on the Belgian SnowKidz Tour visit click here.

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