Winter is here
The snow has arrived.
Huge snow storms have hit land ending a warm dry November which had left resorts and tour operators feeling nervous as start dates for winter 15-16 draw ever closer.

In most cases the snowfall with more on the way. Temperatures have plummeted, in some cases to double digits below freezing allowing resorts to fire up their snowmaking systems – always marketed as a safe guard if natural snow fails to arrive, but actually not much use if it’s not cold enough for them to work, as has been the case for much of this month.

Social media speculation has seen some claim that snowfall of up to 2m is possible in the coming weeks, but the biggest official report so far published is for 157cm (5 feet, five inches) over 48 hours to fall on Tignes.

For most other ski areas, including resorts in Austria, Italy and Switzerland, forecasts have been true with between 30cm and 90cm (1-3 feet) falling on the slopes.

Across the Atlantic it has been snowing almost constantly for three weeks in western North America leading most ski areas to open early.

So make sure to get out this winter with your family, enjoy the snow and above all have fun!

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